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Our Google Reviews for Auto Detailing Services

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Detail Troy LLC Management

Quality: Excellent

Chris was able to schedule my Jeep the same week and did a fantastic job with front passenger and driver window tinting. Looks great and only took him about 45 minutes.

Quality: Excellent

You will not find a better detailing job anywhere. My husband talked about how amazing his car looked for days, even said it didn't look that clean when he bought it seven years ago. Chris does really great work. Highly recommend!

Quality: Excellent

Excellent work! I never thought my interior could look that great. My paint also looked shiny brand new. Even my yellowing headlamps were cleared up. Here's what really won me over: I somehow dropped $75 under the driver's seat before bringing my car in and didn't realize it. That cash was all given back when I picked up my car. THIS is the kind of integrity and care customers look for. Detail, LLC has gone above and beyond. I strongly, STRONGLY recommend them for your next detailing needs!

Quality: Excellent

Chris was amazing! I took my car for just a normal hand wash. There's a scratch on my hood that I asked him if a external detail job would take it off, since I want to bring my car in the future to have this type of service done, he said maybe, but he would have to see after the car was clean. After he washes the car, he turns to me and says "I'll just polish the scratch and see what happens". Ended up that the scratch is draper than what we thought, but it looks a lot better! Also, he only charged $25 for the whole thing, including that extra polishing. I am definitely coming back!

Quality: Excellent

Chris does an excellent job each and every time. He really understands paint and will give you best advice on scratch removal also. Have taken cars to him for detailing and scratch removal. Best detailing place in metro Detroit. ****Update Took a brand new ATS-V to Detail LLC to repair dealership swirl marks and apply CQuartz UK. Chris did a super amazing job. The coating is extremely water repellent and all the dirt comes off the car with just a simple power wash. A++++ Best detailing place in metro Detroit.