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The car wash and dealerships offer detailing for a lot less money. Why should I choose Detail, LLC?

Well, this is one of those times when you really get what you pay for. Detail, LLC considers itself amongst the very few professional automotive detailing centers in the Detroit metropolitan area. The level of attention given to each step of the process cannot be matched by car washes, dealers or even mobile units. A professional detail takes a full day to complete and no less than 30 critical steps (as outlined below). There are no shortcuts and the quality of the work is unsurpassed. The vehicle is essentially like new again. In fact a poorly done detail job can actually make the car worse. Detail, LLC has had many frustrated customers who bring their car in after getting it “detailed” so that we can make it right.

A car wash or dealership usually just runs your vehicle through an automatic car wash and then vacuums the interior and applies a liquid polymer to create a shiny but non-protect finish. This will typically wash off with the very next car wash.

As described below, in order to perform a professional detail, meticulous care has to be given to every surface, not only in cleaning but restoring surfaces and finally protecting them using special techniques and high quality products. Detail, LLC combines the expertise as well as state of the art equipment to insure complete satisfaction. We will make you fall in love with your car again.


There is nothing express about a complete detail. It takes a full day and may require the vehicle to “spend the night” to insure that it is properly dried and de-odorized. This is the package of choice for those that want their vehicle to appear as new like as possible.

The Exterior Process:

The exterior of the vehicle is completely hand washed including all surfaces such as doorjambs, wheel wells, under carriage, exhaust and wheels. The vehicle is then dried by hand using specially designed microfiber towels and compressed air. The exterior is then completely hand rubbed with a clay bar and a lubrication solution to remove all contaminants leaving the surface completely smooth. Special attention and techniques are used to remove more stubborn problems such as road tar, paint overspray or sun baked insects. Minor scratches and scuffs are then improved upon or eliminated with a high-speed polisher in the hands of a skilled technician. The vehicle then is polished using an orbital polisher. This process brings back the new like appearance of the finish by enhancing the depth and shine of the color and eliminating the swirl marks left from car washes, hand washes and ill performed auto detailing. The polish is then removed and the car receives a coat of the highest quality wax applied by hand and with a specially designed orbital waxier. Small paint scratches and chips are then touched up to reduce their visibility. The vehicle gets a final “once over” to insure that it looks like new.

The Interior Process:

Everything is removed from the vehicle and placed in customer bags. The carpet is then vacuumed with high suction and all particulate matter is either suctioned or blown out of the carpet using high-pressure air. All interior surfaces are then brought back to a like new appearance using special cleaning solutions, high pressure air and tools such as fine brushes, microfiber towels, and picks. No surface is left unattended. If the vehicle has leather seats or other surfaces they are all cleaned and conditioned using products specifically designed for leather. The carpet, the mats, non-leather seats as well as the headliner are then cleaned thoroughly with steam extraction and a shampoo scrub with special attention paid to problem stains and discolored areas. Next all glass surfaces are cleaned including the windows, mirrors and dash. Again, the interior gets the final “once over” to insure that it looks like brand new. The vehicle then is allowed to thoroughly dry and de-odorize if necessary for several hours if not overnight using high-powered fans and ozone generator.

How often should I have my car detailed?

We recommend that a complete detail be performed at least once a year. The vehicle should also come in about twice a year to have a good wash and a fresh coat of wax reapplied. Following this detailing regiment will keep your vehicle’s painted surfaces looking their best and interior free of dirt for as long as you own the vehicle.

How long does it take to have my vehicle Detailed?

Every vehicle is a different size and condition, Normally a complete vehicle takes anywhere from 5-8 hours to complete. If possible it is a good idea to leave your car overnight to allow for the interior to dry properly. However most people are in a rush to get it back. We will do our best to get it back to you when you need it. An interior or exterior detail usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Exterior details can be picked up right away while interior details need more time to dry.

What is the purpose of the “Clay Bar”?

A clay bar is used on all painted surfaces after the car has been washed. A lubricant is sprayed onto the vehicle and the clay bar is then rubbed on the paint to remove any surface contaminants that are not removed during normal washing. These contaminants include tar, sap, rail dust, overspray, and minor scuffs. The clay bar does not scratch the vehicle and leaves the surface smooth and contaminant free.

How long does the Treatment last?

The longevity of our complete detail treatment depends on how the vehicle is treated after it leaves the shop. If the vehicle is properly cleaned and taken care of by the owner the treatment can last around 6 months. However if the vehicle is neglected and not taken care of this treatment may not last as long. It is a good idea to get a fresh coat of wax applied every 6-10 car washes.

Can Scratches be removed?

There are an endless amount of different scratches that can be on a vehicle. Some scratches can be completely removed using traditional polishing, and some deeper scratches can be removed using a wet sanding technique. However if a scratch is completely through the clear coat and paint it cannot be removed. The best that we can do is apply touch up paint to hide or mask the scratch. Also some scratches can not be completely removed but can be improved greatly. This can save you a lot of money from not having to repaint your car.

Can I get a Ride?

We prefer to have the customer drop off the vehicle and have a ride arranged. However we know that some people do not own two vehicles or have no one to take them back home or to work. Just let us know if you need a ride and we can determine if that is possible. Most of the time if you live close by it won’t be a problem. Further distances may require a small fee. Gas is not cheap these days!

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just come in whenever?

Usually we like to have our customers make appointments. Usually we can get you in the next day or even the day of. However if you do not need your car back right away you can come and drop it off and we can work it into our schedule and give you a call when it is finished.

Can I drop my vehicle off the night before?

Yes it is not a problem to drop the vehicle off the night before. We are open until 6 and can take the vehicle before then. Or if we are closed the vehicle can be dropped of in the parking lot and the keys can be given to the good people at Automotive Authority. They are open much later than we are. If you drop the vehicle off before we close, most of the time we will be able to keep it inside for the night so you won’t have to worry about anything happening to it.

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