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Window Tinting

Window tint is a high performance film that is applied to the inside surface of a vehicles windows. It blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays, which can cause skin cancer and also be damaging to the interior of a vehicle. It also keeps the interior of a vehicle cool on hot days while adding to the exterior appearance. At Detail LLC we offer a wide variety of different shades for our customers to choose from. We have 50% (Very light), 35% (medium), 20% (Dark, used to match factory tint), and 5% (Very dark). All Window Tinting is professionally installed and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We also offer window tint removal for lease turn in or any other reason.

Window Tint Price
2 Front Windows $120
2 Door Car $250
4 Door Car $300
SUV $350
Windshield $120
Windshield Visor $80
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